Material: Powder & Lump
Appearance: White powder
Chemical Formula: Al2O3.4(SiO2). H2O
Al2O3: 12-15
Molecular Weight: 360.31
Hardness (Mohs scale): 1.5-2
Size: 0-300 mm
L.O.I (%): 12.5
CAS No.: 1302-78-9
Packaging Details:
According to customer’s demands. 25 kg Bag, 40 kg Bag, 50 kg Bag, 1.0 MT Jumbo Bag, 1.15 MT Jumbo Bag, 1.25 MT Jumbo Bag. Can be loose bulks in 1*20 FCL 25-27 tons (Lump form)
Delivery Time: 21 days

It is a mineral of clay group and is made of inflating minerals that generally includes Morilonit and a little Bidlit. In this regard, Benotonite means clay which contains 85 to 90% of Montmorilonit mineral. Montmorilonit also is derived from a place in France that has too many its resources. There are two types: Swelling and Sodium bentonite, Non-swelling or calcium bentonites. Sodium bentonite mineral`s Ionic absorption rate, expansion and contraction and its plasticity is more than Ionic types. Swelling benonites or sodium benonites can absorb water several times of their typical size and expand in a way that get jelly, plastic and adhesion form.

Bentonite due to its softness, swelling properties, flexibility, functionality and relatively good at mixing with water, being plastic, adhesion, catchy-Ness and etc…, has many usages that of all can refer to the production of drilling mud, carrier factor in paint and other spray materials, making vegetable and animal pesticides, fillers in industries such as paper manufacturing, production of cleaners and detergents and producing different ceramics types and paint and refining variety of oils.

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